Inspiring ALL to Belong, Believe, Bear Fruit

For the children of CESTR we aim to inspire their individuality and knowledge of the wider world by promoting a deeper understanding of the natural environment and how technology enhances our cultural and life experiences. As well as providing opportunities to learn about inspirational role models, career aspiration and cultural diversity within STEM, children will have high quality teaching and learning in Science, Computing and Maths, along with wider experiences from a technological and engineering perspective.


Through STEM, we will enable our children to develop the knowledge and skills to thrive and recognise the value of STEM within our community, fostering success for ALL. We endeavour to build strong and confident lifelong learners that are engaged and supported to become productive global leaders.


As Christians we aim to uncover and utilise God given talents so that ALL our children can contribute to the worldwide community through their capacity to problem solve, show determination, resilience and perseverance.