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Welcome to Year 4 Spring Term 2020

 Year 4 is taught by Mr Shaw

Miss Wait and Miss Ward also work in the class to support the children.

If you have any questions, please feel free to come and speak to us at the beginning or at the end of the day.  

Please click here to see our Year 4 Time Table

Please click here to see our Year 4 Spring Term Curriculum 

Please look below to see a snap shot of Year 4 learning:


Year 4 have been working hard to develop a challenging sequence of movements, using different parts of their bodies. They have also been using the apparatus to develop complexity and control.

Click the video below to see our three fantastic Team GB Olympic gymnasts of the future. 


Year 4 have been learning how to solve what is 1000 more and 1000 less

using base 10 concrete methods to help Year 4 understand this mathematical concept. 

Ancient Egyptians

In History, Year 4 have been researching why the Ancient Egyptians were considered a successful civilisation. 

The pupils in Year 4 have been working hard to become history detectives using a range of sources including the internet to research information.


In Computing, Year 4 have be learning how to programme scratch the cat, showing children how to give different instructions and changing the background of their choice. 


In Science Year 4 have been learning how sound vibrates and travels to our ears. 

Year 4 investigated how sounds can be louder or quieter depending on how hard the vibrations are.

We used a drum and rice grains to investigate this.

Pupil Voice:

What did you learn today?

Faith: I have learnt that sounds are made through vibrations.

Nathaniel: I have learnt that when you speak your vocal chords are vibrating.

Briana: I have learnt that the bigger the vibration is the louder the sound is.

Craig: I learnt that when you beat a drum the sound makes a vibration.

Neha: I have learnt that when sounds travel to your ear it travels down your ear canal to your ear drum and into your middle ear and inner ear.

Ellie: I have learnt that you can't hear sounds in space because there is no air.

Jasmin: I learnt that you need air to hear sounds because the vibration and sound travels through the air.


Children will be given a learning log and a choice of three levels to work towards. The learning log allows children to explore a topic and present their findings. In addition to the learning logs, children have a Maths Passport. Look at the passport with your children and work through the outcomes. Your child needs to instantly recall each outcome to get a tick in the box. Three ticks means they have mastered that outcome.
As always, we strongly recommend reading with your child every night and listening to them practice their weekly spellings and times tables.

Here are some websites to help with revision:

English Maths Topic Science


Education Quizzes

The School Run

Top Marks Quizzes


Education Quizzes

The School Run

Top Marks


Leisure and Entertainment in the 20th century





Woodlands Resources

Education Quizzes




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