Inspiring ALL to Belong, Believe, Bear Fruit


For the children of CESTR we aim to enlighten their lives through the arts and languages, inspiring them to live a full and enriched future, embracing the wider cultures of our creative world. Through the subjects of Art, Craft & Design, Design & Technology, Music, Drama & Spoken Language, we teach high quality lessons for children to develop their knowledge and skills across the curriculum enabling them to flourish and express their creative minds.


Within and beyond the curriculum, we create a range of opportunities and experiences for the children to thrive and release their inner self in a creative context. Children are taught a variety of art forms, design structures, language skills and given the opportunity to participate in a range of musical experiences, which provide opportunities for their personality to shine.


Our children develop as creative and reflective thinkers and confident performers. We recognise that God is creative, as people made in His image, we too have the ability to create.