Inspiring ALL to Belong, Believe, Bear Fruit


As a school we have high hopes and aspirations to provide opportunities for all children to flourish. We nurture them to grow, develop, work collaboratively and be active participants in their own learning with the support and guidance of the Christian community. We want our children to have the wisdom, skills and knowledge to make good life choices, spiritually, socially and academically, in order for them to take full advantage of all the opportunities they are presented with in life. 


Our School Ethos

Our Christian Ethos underpins all that we do. 

Using Roots and Fruits, an Imaginor resource, we promote our Christian values through our collective worship and our classroom practice.

We operate a cycle of topics over two years. One ethos value is the key value for the half term whilst all other values are nurtured and explored throughout our whole school community.

Awards are presented on a weekly basis for recognising children's commitment to growing faith.

"By their fruit you will recognise them"

Matthew 7:20



Please see below our Collective Worship overview for 2022-23 and the previous year 2021-22: