Inspiring ALL to Belong, Believe, Bear Fruit

We are proud of our strong links with our local Church - Church of Resurrection with St Barnabas and also with Manchester Cathedral.

Father Chris Moore is a regular visitor to our school. We are developing strong partnerships for leading worship in school. The clergy also support us in teaching Religious Education.

We have many quiet reflection spaces around school, including an outdoor Prayer Space outside of the Year 4 classroom, which children can visit anytime they are in the playground, for a time of quiet reflection and prayer.

The church is not big enough to host all the school with its own regular congregation and therefore a group is invited to represent the school at key Church events.

Our services in church are always advertised in advance and we do hope that family and friends will join us.

At the start of the school year, those who are new to school are invited to attend a special service on the Sunday morning. Children attend wearing their school uniforms and members of the church prayed for each of the school communities represented.

During Advent we are pleased to take part in the Posada story telling activities.

Our children experience the Easter Experience in the school hall.


The Church of the Resurrection and St Barnabas, Eastlands - The Church Of  England - Anglican Communion