Church of England School of the Resurrection

Inspiring ALL to Belong, Believe, Achieve

School Curriculum 

At CESTR, we value and celebrate the diversity of all our children. We have developed a curriculum that is knowledge-rich to ensure that pupils achieve a broad and balanced subject-based expertise which enables the children to develop their application of skills taught. It takes into account the whole child by focusing on their social, emotional, mental health as well as the academic success, creativity, cultural development and well-being across the whole school from EYFS to Year 6.

We strongly believe that every child has the right to high quality education irrespective of their individual differences. Therefore, we ensure that all of our children develop a greater understanding of equity and equality for all.


Inspiring all to ~ Belong ~ Believe ~ Achieve

We believe that we all belong to God and are precious to him. We believe that He loves us and wants us to achieve. We believe that He has plans for each of us, pupils, staff and volunteers. Therefore, we work to support each other in the discovery and development of our varied gifts that we might fulfil the plans that He has for us.

In accordance with this, we are developing our evidence-informed practice through our teaching and learning and subject-based expertise, which allows us to underpin the knowledge and skills taught with evidence-based research.

Evidence informed practice ~ Through this we have built our curriculum across the whole school from EYFS to Year 6 around four principles of evidence-informed practice:

  1. retrieval practice,
  2. explicit instruction,
  3. cognitive load theory
  4. questioning and checking for understanding,

Through this approach, we embed a culture of sequential learning where pupils Know MORE, Do MORE, Apply MORE, Remember MORE, in a way that seeks to offer every opportunity for our children to maximise their potential. Incorporated into this, we also maximise opportunities with a Read MORE approach. Therefore, ensuring that all children develop an understanding of cooperative and collaborative learning where all children develop a deeper understanding of overall achievement, improved self-esteem and higher motivation to do their best.

Knowledge rich approach

We strive for children to become knowledge-rich individuals, who develop skills through their learning.  The curriculum focuses on evidence-informed practice where children will develop transferrable skills in many different ways using our four principles set out in our curriculum design. We do this by having an emphasis on a whole-school curriculum design, where all subjects mirror the 5-point structure of lessons approach.

We have developed a curriculum that is relevant and meaningful to pupils and enables children to put their knowledge into context. Using the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and National Curriculum as a basis, age-appropriate progression in knowledge for each subject has been identified. This has been developed to ensure coverage of identified knowledge is secured across the whole school and revisited using our four principles of evidence-informed practice.

To ensure that all of our pupils retain their knowledge we use sequential learning to build a culture of Know MORE, Do MORE, Remember MORE, Apply MORE, where we teach, apply, explore and revisit knowledge using retrieval practice at the start of every lesson and questioning and checking for understanding at the end, whilst ensuring explicit instruction is an integral part of every lesson and takes into account how we manage cognitive load theory with our children.  Teachers develop a culture of cooperative and collaborative learning where all pupils work together supporting each other to reach their full potential. 

Curriculum Teams:

At the Church of England School of the Resurrection we have developed our curriculum through four curriculum teams, Team creative, Team culture, Team STEM and Team Well-being. These teams enable staff to work coherently together to develop curriculum subjects and support each other in their development and monitoring. They allow all staff to assess together the impact of collaborative action plans, progression of knowledge objectives and teaching and learning across team subjects. Scroll down for team vision statements. 

Please click here to see our Whole School Curriculum Policy

Further information may be found on subject specific tabs and on the home page under each class. 

Curriculum Teams Vision Statements

Team Culture 

Reading, Writing, History & Geography 

Inspiring ALL through ~ Past ~ Present ~ Future

For the children of CESTR, we aim to immerse everyone in the rich cultures of the local, national, international and Christian landscape. The intention of this is to allow our pupils to understand their place in the cultural landscape through the subjects of Reading, Writing, History and Geography and the impact they’ve had, are having or will continue to have.

Through their understanding of British and global culture, children will appreciate our diverse world and what it has to offer. They will be inspired through high quality texts and experiences to explore a variety of lives, careers and opportunities that will inspire and prepare them for their future.

Our learners embrace the historic and modern cultural community that make the UK the place it is today. We aim to inspire our children with rich and tangible experiences that they will treasure for life, and to develop as responsible participants taking positive action to care and protect our world for the future.  

Team STEM 

Maths, Science, Computing

Inspiring ALL to be ~ Logical ~ Digital ~ Successful

For the children of CESTR we aim to inspire their individuality and knowledge of the wider world by promoting a deeper understanding of the natural environment and how technology enhances our cultural and life experiences. As well as providing opportunities to learn about inspirational role models, career aspiration and cultural diversity within STEM, children will have high quality teaching and learning in Science, Computing and Maths, along with wider experiences from a technological and engineering perspective.

Through STEM, we will enable our children to develop the knowledge and skills to thrive and recognise the value of STEM within our community, fostering success for ALL. We endeavour to build strong and confident lifelong learners that are engaged and supported to become productive global leaders.

As Christians we aim to uncover and utilise God given talents so that ALL our children can contribute to the worldwide community through their capacity to problem solve, show determination, resilience and perseverance.

Team Well-being

Sport & PE, PHSE, RE, Eco & Go Green

Inspiring ALL through ~ Faith ~ Self-care ~ Nature

For the children of CESTR we aim to promote a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit by developing a deeper understanding of their own self-worth and the importance of self-care through the subjects of PE, PHSE, RE & the outdoors. We encourage resilience, self-regulation and self-expression, to celebrate individuality and the positive impact ALL children, staff and parents can have within the wider community.

As well as providing extensive opportunities to learn about their own mental health and emotional well-being, children develop knowledge and skills to support and care for the physical and emotional health and well-being of others fostering a true sense of belonging, teamwork and collaborative learning.

We encourage children to gain a deeper understanding of how God supports and inspires us in all we do through; prayer, reflection opportunities and collective worship, whilst respecting diverse faiths and cultures encompassing an appreciation of the world around us and how our actions impact on the future of our planet. 

Team Creative 

Art, Design Technology, Spanish, Music, Drama/Spoken language

Inspiring ALL to Create ~ Perform ~ Excel

For the children of CESTR we aim to enlighten their lives through the arts and languages, inspiring them to live a full and enriched future, embracing the wider cultures of our creative world. Through the subjects of Art, Design Technology, Spanish, Music, Drama & Spoken Language, we teach high quality lessons for children to develop their knowledge and skills across the curriculum enabling them to flourish and express their creative minds.

Within and beyond the curriculum, we create a range of opportunities and experiences for the children to thrive and release their inner self in a creative context. Children are taught a variety of art forms, design structures, language skills and given the opportunity to participate in a range of musical experiences, which provide opportunities for their personality to shine.

Our children develop as creative and reflective thinkers and confident performers. We recognise that God is creative, as people made in His image, we too have the ability to create.