Inspiring ALL to Belong, Believe, Bear Fruit

Mission Statement

As a Church of England School, our approach to the all-round development of our pupils is based on a Christian concept of life, centred on Jesus Christ. We are educating for Life. Our aim is to care for and train the whole person. Within this context will be provided the required broad and balanced curriculum through which we will endeavour to promote to the full each child’s physical, creative, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social development.  We encourage our pupils to aim at making our world a better place, by forming good relationships, respecting the dignity of each person regardless of their colour, creed or sexuality and realising that each of us has a positive and worthwhile contribution to make.


Through our choice of curriculum topics we aim to develop:

  • children who relish a challenge and are excited about learning
  • children who have the confidence to express their viewpoints accurately both orally and in writing for a variety of audiences
  • children who are able to take decisions and make choices
  • children who have experienced success and have high aspirations



This year, we will be focusing on these key values: generosity, compassion, courage, forgiveness, friendship and respect. A value will be explored across each half term.


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