Church of England School of the Resurrection

Belong, Believe, Achieve

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to providing the best education that we can for all our pupils, according to their needs. Our philosophy is built upon the firm belief that all adults and children are valued for the rich diversity they may bring in terms of race, culture, age, gender, faith or background. Within our inclusive ethos we do not tolerate bullying, harassment or unlawful discrimination of any kind. We ensure that all staff and stakeholders of the school understand and meet the expectations as set out in the Equality Act (2010).

Particularly through our Christian ethos, class values, RE and PSHE curriculum we promote equality and inclusion in all areas of school life. On those occasions when behaviour is unacceptable we deal with it in accordance with our School Behaviour Policy. 

We monitor the progress and the access of those children who are from vulnerable groups to ensure that we are successful in our efforts to be inclusive recognising that sometimes we need to be proactively selective.

Incidents of Bullying and Racism are reported to the Governing Body.