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Extra-Curricular Music


At Resurrection School we love to sing. We believe that singing builds self confidence, a sense of community as well as fostering lots of skills which benefit other areas of the curriculum. Every week there is a dedicated singing lesson and we also sing as part of our collective worship. Children express their views in song and we in Nov14 we submitted two entries into a competition aimed at stopping cyberbullying.


The Key Stage 2 choir meets on Thursday evenings 3.15-4pm.

We have a large Key Stage 2 choir, often over 35, this does mean that sometimes we need to choose a smaller number to take.  Over the last school year we were invited to sing at several local events.

Each year we plan on entering several music festivals. In February we sing in thee Rochdale Festival of Youth Music, Dance and Drama. We gained several Honours and Highly Recommended certificates. We enjoy our visits to Birmingham to take part in at the National Festival of Youth Music. Children were invited to sing in the Festival Tent and have taken part in a composition workshop and a workshop lead by the National Youth Choir. (Pizza Express was also a great hit!).

WE take advantage of the musical opportunities that are offered in our area.

Three years ago we were delighted to be selected to take part in the new opera project with The Bridgewater Hall and Chetham's Music School. Ten children were invited to share their ideas at the story planning meeting in July 15. They met the librettist and composer. We received the libretto in December. We performed in the Bridgewater Hall on 24th April16.

In Year 4 a all children are given the opportunity to play the ukulele. Children in Years 2 and 3 play recorders and children in Year 5 and 6 have the chance to learn another instrument. There are a limited number of instruments and therefore a child may not receive their first choice of instrument. In the current school year, besides offering keyboard, violin and flute, we also offer brass instruments. Lesson day is Friday.

We were very pleased to receive a grant front EMI which allowed us to purchased some cornets. Other brass instruments are on hire form the music service.

All music tuition is free, however, there must be a commitment on the part of the child and family to practice regularly and to care for the instrument that is on loan. In view of the good stewardship of our resources, we reserve the right to cancel lessons and have instruments returned where we believe that they are not being cared for or the player is not benefiting.

 1st Notes Project

We are delighted that our Year 5 children have been invited to take part in this song writing project. They will perform their songs with other schools who are taking part on 5th April at  the RNCM.

 African Drumming

 In connection with their Geography topics, Years 1,2 and 6 will be having a drumming workshop on Thursday 14th February.