Church of England School of the Resurrection

Belong, Believe, Achieve

Welcome to Nursery


We would like to welcome all our new children and parents to Nursery this term. 
The Nursery team consists of Mrs Ikram as the Nursery teacher, Mrs Harding and Miss Gilmore as teaching assistants. 

We provide an effective, nurturing environment where your child can grow into an independent, self-confident and caring member of the community and feel prepared for the next stage in their educational journey. This is such an important time for your child, where they begin to develop their personalities, expand their minds and learn about themselves.

We pride ourselves in our provision of challenging, stimulating and motivational indoor and outdoor learning through play, in a safe and caring environment where we meet the needs of every child. We believe that our teaching approach delivers excellence and supports mindfulness. Observational evidence clearly shows that children feel at ease, act spontaneously, show vitality and self-confidence; all of which indicate that their emotional well-being is being cared. Our teaching approach focuses on supporting the development of children who are self-confident and mentally healthy, curious and exploratory, expressive and communicative, imaginative and creative, full of initiative with a strong sense of belonging.

We support their physical needs, the needs for tenderness and affection, the need for safety, clarity, the need for social recognition. We also ensure that the need to feel competent and the need for moral values are satisfied.  

The curriculum is planned to meet the development matters from the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Our children are offered full time places which gives the children the opportunity to fully engage with all aspects of our stimulating indoor and outdoor provision.
Each day of the week adopts a Specific Area (Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design and Knowledge of the World) with Friday being our day to learn about Religious Education. Our Adult Led Focus Tasks are based around these different areas whilst the rest of our provision provides continuous activities that address all Specific and Prime Areas.
Children are monitored closely using the observation tool Target Tracker, observations will be taken in relation to the focus task of the day as well as when notable objectives are achieved in other areas. 
Our topics this term is...
All about me 
People who help us