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Welcome to Maths

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Here at the School of the Resurrection, we follow the Power Maths mastery programme which is designed to ignite excitement and embeds a growth mindset approach to maths teaching and learning! 

We use Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract methods to develop our pupils deeper mathematical understanding.


Pupil Voice:

Jessica: When I was learning fractions, I found it easier to understand when looking at the pictures to help.  

Cianna: Using the practical resources in maths makes it easier to understand my learning and it is more fun.

Ernie: I like it when my teacher demonstrates the method on the board using pictures and asking for volunteers to come up and show how to complete the calculation. 

Gracie-Mae: The calculation pictures of how to do the method help me to remember what to do. 

Evie-Leigh: I don't just like to do things just mentally,  I like to use different ways of working out and different resources. I like to use blocks, cutting up paper to see how to make shapes and fractions walls to help me with my fractions.

Lyla: When we are practising problem solving and reasoning challenges it helps me when we do it in partners or as a whole class family because everyone gets to share all the different ways they would solve the challenge.    

Home Learning: 

Please visit the White Rose website by right clicking on the links below to open in a new tab. You can download and print workbooks to support the learning in school: 

for videos to support the topics:

Parents/Carers can also visit the BBC Bitesize website for videos, quizzes and practice activities to support your child's learning.  Right click the links below to open in a new tab for KS1 and KS2

There are also DFE recommended video lessons on the NCETM website, please right click and open the link below: