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Supporting your child with Mathematics

Maths is everywhere! Below are some ideas you can do at home to assist your child with their maths:

  • Play board games using two or more dice to practice + - x.
  • Add the numbers on car number plates.
  • Collect numbers on car number plates and arrange them in order of size
  • On a journey – first to spot a number greater than ------
  • Take your child shopping. Notice and discuss prices, ask the child to find an item on the shelf and to tell you the cost. Which is the best buy?
  • Notice and talk about numbers on houses and buses.
  • Let your child take part in baking activities. Follow the recipe allowing your child to use scales and measuring jugs.
  • Encourage your child to use money, counting and giving change.
  • Round prices to give an estimate of the total cost.

Maths at School of the Resurrection

Much of maths is all about being able to spot the patterns. To boost our maths and help build confidence, we have introduced several programmes:

Big Maths has been introduced to support children in making number connections and develop their speed in making calculations.

Abacus Maths is now providing the foundation of our curriculum across the school to further enforce consistency across the year levels and fabulous homework activities to solidify learning from the classroom.

Solve It Day happens in every classroom once a week to provide all children with opportunities to engage in guided logical reasoning activities and problem solving.

Check out our Maths Policy here to find out further information.

The year 2's during a guided reasoning session on Solve It Day.

The year 2's solving the problem of the rock pool creatures!