Church of England School of the Resurrection

Belong, Believe, Achieve



The Bleacher Report contacted the Church of England School of the Resurrection, a few months ago, to ask whether we would be interested in having a mural painted on one of the outside walls of the school. The wall that was selected was a curved wall that faces the stadium. 
The mural was to be an anti racism message, words taken from a letter that Raheem had written to a young fan, Ethan, who was experiencing racism at his school. Due to the location of our school and the fact that we have a very diverse school community, we agreed.
The mural is a huge piece of artwork, takes pride of place in our school playground and actually faces the football stadium, which is at the end of our school field. It is a painting of Raheem Sterling, with words of encouragement and inspirational words and phrases, taken from the reply that he sent to Ethan. 
Once the mural was completed, Raheem, and Ethan,visited the school, to the delight of the Year 6 pupils, many of whom got to meet him. Raheem played football with Ethan on our football pitch and spent time talking to him. He was also kind enough to donate a signed Manchester City shirt and also signed the art work, and as our playground is used as a car park for the matches, it is seen by a large number of Manchester City fans on their way to and from the game.
We feel hugely privileged to have been asked to have the mural on our school and feels that it acts as a reminder to pupils, staff, parents and visitors, that we are a multi-cultural school and community, as well as a church school, and that no-one should be subject to any form of abuse. 

The Church of England School of the Resurrection, have been remembering the soldiers who died in the first World War. We created poppies from plastic bottles and took a 'There but not there' Tommy to watch over the poppies. The boots represent soldiers who went to war but never came back.

 Some of our children enjoying games in After School Club