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National Youth Climate Change Conference

If anyone is interested in this you can watch via the YouTube link below 

Hello all,

The National Youth Climate Summit 2020 is taking place tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd April, 12-3pm – we’re really looking forward to seeing you there!
Please find the conference schedule, how to join and housekeeping rules below.

Schedule for event:
11.45 Zoom conference is open (link below)
12.00 Welcome and introduction from Graham Frost (Headteacher at Robert Ferguson Primary School) and Lucy Mace ( National Schools Programme Manager at Global Action Plan)

Be ready to watch at 12:
Session 1:
12.10 Speaker 1 - Clover Hogan - From anxiety to agency
12.25 Speaker 2 - Rebecca Willis - What do politicians think about climate change, and how can I influence them?
12.35 Speaker 3 - Alan Rawlinson - Bringing about the global change we need to protect our climate and nature
12.40 Questions for speakers
12.50 Breakout groups: What immediate steps are the young people you know calling for?
Session 2:
13.00 Speaker 4 - Amy Bray - How to find another way
13.15 Speaker 5 - Mike Downham - Learning how the world works, my story
13.25 Speaker 6 - Nick Gardner - The Great Outdoors
13.35 Questions for speakers
13.45 Breakout groups: What is nature doing for you, and what are you doing for nature?
Session 3:
14.00 Speaker 7 – Matt Toombs – COP26 & climate change as a priority issue
14.15 Speaker 8 - Naomi Frost - Secondary School Activism
14.25 Speaker 9 - Morgan Phillips - Going back to normal?
14.35 Questions for speakers
14.45 Breakout groups: How are you helping/going to help youth voice to influence real and urgent change?
14.55 Closing statement from Graham Frost

How to join and participate:

Students can view the conference via a live stream on YouTube which will be available on the event page, - 

Questions will be taken via using the code #NYCS2020 (all questions and comments will be moderated).