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Year Six

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Orphans of The Tide 

(Categorised as suitable for 9year olds upwards)

Hi Year 6. I'm excited to share with you that the author of Orphans of The Tide (Struan Murray) has allowed me to share his amazing book with you. I can video myself reading the chapters and posting them here. I know you were really enjoying his book and I hope you're as excited as I am to find out what happens next. 

Keep checking daily for the next update. 

Struan Murray can't wait to here your feedback and hopes that we enjoy the rest. 


Chapter 1 part 1

Chapter 1 part 2

Chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2 part 2

From the diary of Claude Hestermeyer

This is part one of chapter 3

This is part two of chapter 3

Chapter 3 part 3

This is part three of chapter 3

Chapter 4 Part 1

Chapter 4 Part 2

Chapter 4 Part 3

Diary of Claude Hestermeyer 2. Oh my this is getting really gripping now.

Chapter 5 part 1

Chapter 5 part 2

Chapter 5 part 3. I won't leave it here today as I'm on edge myself. I need to know what will happen next. Keep a look out for chapter 6 soon

Chapter 6 part 1

Chapter 6 part 2

Diary of Claude Hestermeyer 3. Oh wow! I can't wait until the next installment.

Chapter 7 part 1

Chapter 7 part 2

Diary of Claude Hestermeyer 4. Oh my. I am loving this book. So many twists and turns

Chapter 8 part 1

Chapter 8 part 2

Spelling Shed
Children should be looking at stages 1 & 2.

Times Tables Rock Stars
Children can work on all different areas. Please continue to practice the x2, x5, x10 and x3 tables in particular.

Purple Mash
This site contains various learning games. The maths area, in particular, is great for home learning.

KS2 BBC Bitesize
This website has links to games, video clips and activities linked to different areas from the KS1 curriculum.

Topic Based Learning

Year 6 learn about a range of different topics over the year. These are detailed below. Can you create a project based on one of our topics to share with the rest of the class? This could be research, presentations, posters, artwork, writing, reports... your options are endless!