Church of England School of the Resurrection

Belong, Believe, Achieve

Year Five

National Literacy Trust Family Zone!

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History Challenge:

This term in history we would be looking at famous journeys. The Titanic was a British ocean liner travelling from England to the United States of America.  Your task is to be a historical detective and find out as much about the Titanic as you can. Write the key information into the exercise book from school. 

You may want to research:

  • Did the Titanic reach USA? What happened?
  • What was on the Titanic? How many people? Were there animals on the Titanic?
  • Why was the Titanic travelling from England to the USA?
  • Who created the Titanic?
  • Who was the Captain?
  • What year did the Titanic leave England?

Remember to check with your grown ups before logging onto any of the websites. Here are some useful sites to get you started with your research:

DT  Challenge:

Design and create a boat, this may be in the style of a Viking Longboat.

Step 1: Research different boats. What would you like to include on yours? You may want to research boats people have made and look at the materials they used.

Step 2: To design the boat, think about what materials you will use and how to make it move. 

Step 3: To construct and have a go. Make sure you ask your grown ups before you use materials and tools to create your boat.

Step 4: Evaluate. Write in you book what works and what doesn't. What would you do differently?


Lexia Core 5 Reading

To access this from home, you must use the email:

The children know their username and password.

Children should be aiming to complete 10 units per week. Some of this is done in school. Please do not to exceed this amount to ensure optimal learning.


Spelling Shed

Recap the year 3 and 4 spellings as well as the Year 5 and 6.


Times Tables Rock Stars

Practise all your tables.


Purple Mash

This site contains various learning games. Make sure you complete the tasks set each day.



Click here to access HeartSmart (PSHE) resources and activities



Week 1:                             Week 2:                             Week 3:                  Week 4:                  Week 5:                 Week 6:                      Week 7:

accommodate                 appreciate                       cemetery                 convenience          dictionary            exaggerate                government

accompany                     attached                          committee              correspond            disastrous            excellent                    guarantee

according                        available                         communicate          criticise                 embarrass           existence                   harass

achieve                           average                           community              curiosity                environment       explanation               hindrance

aggressive                      awkward                          competition             definite                 equip                  familiar                      identity

amateur                          bargain                            conscience              desperate              equipped             foreign                      immediately

ancient                           bruise                               conscious                determined          equipment           forty                          immediate

apparent                         category                           controversy             develop                especially            frequently                 individual


Week 8:                       Week 9:                            Week 10:                     Week 11:                 Week 12:              Week 13:

interfere                    necessary                        physical                      recommend             signature             system

interrupt                   neighbour                       prejudice                     relevant                   sincere                temperature

language                  nuisance                         privilege                      restaurant                sincerely             thorough

leisure                      occupy                            profession                   rhyme                       soldier                 twelfth

lightning                  occur                               programme                rhythm                       stomach              variety

marvellous               opportunity                    pronunciation             sacrifice                     sufficient             vegetable

mischievous            parliament                      queue                          secretary                    suggest              vehicle

muscle                    persuade                          recognise                   shoulder                     symbol                yacht