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Virtual Learning from home

Click here to see the Virtual Learning Time Table

One of our partner teaching agencies have put together a virtual learning timetable so that all children in our school can log into Zoom and receive lessons with a specialist teacher from home. This means that the children are still able to receive their 1 hour lesson in the subject delivered in school but also they will have access to other subjects that we offer in this period and can join into those virtual lessons also.

• The lessons will be concentrating on the subjects the children have already covered with us in school so that then, the following hour post the virtual lesson, children can log-in to KidzTool and complete the online assessments for these units (which will appear as online interactive games to the children – a great way to engage them whilst off school!)

• All virtual lessons will be taking place via Zoom so children would need to create an account at home and would be able to ask questions, take part in discussions with other students and the teacher. 

What children need to attend virtual lessons:
• A copy of the timetable so they know when to log-in
• A book or paper
• A Zoom account (parents to create in line with GDPR)

Once you have created your account

Click here for the links to access the learning!

If you require any help or support with creating a pupil login, please give the teaching agency a call and they will be happy to assist you. 

You can contact them them on 0203 978 2905