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Reception  Home Learning

Please check in to our school website regularly for updates.


Reception blog

1) Log into Purple Mash.

2) Click on sharing.

3) Click on shared blogs.

4) Click on Reception CofE School blog.


I will be putting a user guide on this week about how to access and use our blog.

Purple Mash


Our School uses Mini Mash through the Purple Mash website for its home learning site.  The pupils will need to log in - this password was sent out in their book bags last week.  Please feel free to email me (sent out on text last week) if you cannot access your account. In the early years version of Purple Mash named Mini Mash it allows pupils to access a plethora of activities relevant to the EYFS curriculum.  I will produce a user guide throughout the next couple of weeks that will highlight some key activities.  I have set a 'Spring' activity pack for the children to complete on the mini mash home page - in the top right hand corner.  You can save the work the children have completed - again I will complete a user guide for this.  

I have sent out a yellow writing book with some suggested activities for the children to complete.  I have provided an additional blue mathematics book for the children to complete some suggested activities.

Click here For Purple Mash (Mini Mash). 


  Phonics and Reading at Home

Click here For Phonics Play - Focus on Phase 2 and Phase 3 Activities.  username: march20 password: home

Click here for Tricky Words Videos

Click here for Phase 2 resources

Click here for Phase 3 resources

Click here for Phase 4 resources

You can access reading at home through Oxford Owls 

Our class Username: resreception

              Password: Smith

            Click here for Oxford Reading Owls    



Twinkl Free 1 month trial

Free 1 month twinkl trial - Click on this link.  See below for details.  This is an excellent website for phonics, writing and maths activities.  If you have a printer, it will allow you to print work booklets to use at home. 

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the code you have received, or CVDTWINKLHELPS if you have not yet been given a code

Step 3: Share the offer code and website link with anyone who could benefit 

Other useful websites

Top Marks Maths 

Click here for Top Marks maths games which supports learning.

Top Marks English 

Click here for Top Marks reading and writing home learning activities. 

Reading Comprehension

Click here for fun reading games for children.

BBC Home Learning 

BBC Bitesize this website has links to games, video clips and activities linked to different areas from the curriculum.

Click here for BBC reading and writing home learning.

 Please check in to our school website regularly for updates.

I shall update this page every few days.