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Welcome everyone to the Nursery's Work at Home Page

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Here are some useful links and games to play with your child.


Can the children show you our counting rocket song, where we start at 0 and count up to 10 then blast off using actions and count backwards from 10 to 1 and blast off. They enjoy this during out maths lessons.

For counting songs up to 10 - click here

For counting songs up to 20 - click here

Can you and your child look around the house to find objects that are a circle, a square, a triangle or a rectangle.

For shape songs - click here



Play the alphabet game - look around the house can you find objects that start with an "a", "b", "c" etc....

Play I spy with sounds and colours as well

Click here for the jolly phonics song we sing your phonics lesson and the children should be able to show you the actions.

For different phonics games:

For phase 1 games  - click here

For phase 2 games  - click here


Physical Development:

Click here for a P.E. lesson with Joe Wicks that the children can get involved in


Creative Arts and Design

Save some of the packaging off food boxes and use them to make a model. If you have some paints you could paint it. Take a photo of your model, we can share some of them on our website, send them to


 Reading at Home

You can access reading at home through Oxford Owls 

Our class Username: resnursery

              Password: Rosie

            Click here for Oxford Reading Owls