Church of England School of the Resurrection

Belong, Believe, Achieve

Activities in school

Week beginning 18.05.20

This week the children have been working really hard creating models of key workers.  We have completed additional activities surrounding the Chicks.

Well done everyone.

Mr Smith, Mrs Harding and Miss Hunter.

If you would like to design any of your own key workers over the half term please send your design to so that I can share on the website and the Purple Mash blog.


Chick Photos

The chicks arrived at school last week.  They have all hatched and are growing up very fast.  I am back in school this week so keep checking out the Purple Mash blog for regular updates.  The blog is called Activities at school.  Mr Smith.

Chicks at school this week and next week

The Chicks have hatched!  Have a look at the pictures below.  Feel free to go to the Purple Mash blog and click on Activities in school.  On the blog you can write any comments about the Chicks and any questions you want to ask.  Mr Smith.


A fantastic week of activities building up to St. George's Day.  We have created a display in the Nursery classroom with some of the fantastic work that the children produced.  Well done everyone.  Mr Smith.

This week in school we have been creating shields and swords ready for St. George's Day.  Could you create your own? or find some information about St. George's Day and get your parents to send to my email  Thank you.  Mr Smith.

Well done Charlie (Year 6) and Archie (Year 2) for creating a St. George's shield at home.

Well done boys!  You can have two excellence awards each.

Mrs Harding pointed these out.  A few of the teachers have done these posters with the children in school.  Can you make any of your own stay safe posters at home ahead of the Thursday 'clap for carers' at 8pm.  You can get your parents to send to my school email address  Thank you.  Mr Smith

28/04/2020 - Superhero Day

This week we have celebrated Superhero day and we have celebrated the modern day heroes who are saving lives.

(Miss. Hall, Miss. Morley and Mr. Burgess)

All of the children have been involved in designing the hospital and drawing all of the different nurses and doctors. 

Hope this inspires you to create your own modern day superhero and send them to and I can showcase your work.