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Work from home

Dear Children

Here are some activities that you might like to do at home.

Sit very quietly in different places around your home. Listen very carefully, what can you hear?

What do you think is making the sound? Can you make a sound like it?  Can someone guess which sound you are copying?

Save some of the packaging off food boxes and use them to make a model. If you have some paints you could paint it. Take a photo of your model, we can share some of them on our website, send them to    


Phonics games:

Play I spy something beginning with .....

Change it to spotting the last sound. I spy something that rhymes with.....  

Play an alphabet game. Start with "a", look for an item in the house that starts with the "a" sound. Next look for an item that starts with a "b" sound. When you get good at doing this, think of an animals that starts with each of the alphabet sounds then think of foods.

Click here to play some phase 1 phonics games with your children.

If your children are finding that easy introduce games from phase 2 - click here



Ask your children to show you the number rocket song - starting with 0 reaching to 10 then blasting off. The children really enjoy it during out maths lessons.


 Don't forget to sing the alphabet and number songs that we sing in school.