Church of England School of the Resurrection

Belong, Believe, Achieve


Instrument of Government

This document was set on the 8th December 2014. It sets out the nature of the Governing Body and the School.

Point 4 The Governing Body shall consist of:

a) Two Parent Governors

b)One Local Authority Governor

c)One Staff Governor

d) One Headteacher

e)Seven Foundation Governors.

Point 6 The term of office for all governors except es-officio governors shall be four years

Point 7 Those entitled to appoint Foundation Governors are:

a) the Diocesan Board of Education who appoint one governor

b) the Parochial Church Council of the Parish appoint five governors

Point 8 

a) the holder of the following office shall be a foundation governor ex-officio

the Principal Officiating Minister

Point 9 The Ethos Statement

Recognising its historic foundation, the school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level.

The school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, promotes Christian values through the experience it offers to all its pupils.

School Governors

School Governors play a vital role in supporting  the school They meet at least once a term as a full Governing Body and at other times on sub-committees. Governors are appointed for a period of four years. Governors may be contacted through the school office.

The Headteacher Mrs Windslow.

The Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Owen attends as an observer

Our Chair of Governors is Mr Andy Harland, he is a Local Authority Governor.

He was re-appointed on 1.9.18 and will serve until 31.8.22

Mr Harland serves on the following committees: Resources, Premises,Training and he is on the Car Park Committee.100% attendance. He was appointed by the Local Authority.

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocese and then the Governing Body.

Our Foundation Governors are:

Rev Maria is our incumbant and is therefore an ex-officio member. She joined us 1.9.18

Mrs Christianah Awodiji was appointed on 8.12.14 by the church was renewed in December 2018, however she resigned due to work commitments during the Summer  Term.

Mr Alan Cornforth is the chair of the Resources and Premises Committee. He is also on the Car Park committee. He was appointed on 01.09.15 and will serve until 01.09.19

Mr Martin Ware is on the Resources and Premises Committee, Admissions and is the named Governor for RE., S.E.N.D. and Health and Safety. He was appointed by the church on 14.10.16  to serve until 14.10.20   

Mrs Phyllis Akwei was appointed by the church on 15.10.16 and serves until 14.10.20 She is our Safeguarding Governor and also on the Head teacher's Performance Management Panel.

Miss Helen Kidd was appointed by the Church in January 2019 and will serve until January 2023

Mrs Lela Wells  was appointed by the Church in January 2019 and will serve until January 2023

We have two parent governors 

Miss Tanya Manderson was appointed 3.11.16 and will serve until 2.11.20. She was appointed by the Parents. Miss Manderson  is on the Data and Curriculum Committee.

Mr Julian Donker was appointed on 01.01.17 and will serve until 01.01.21. He is a member of the Data and Curriculum Committee. Mr Donkor resigned in December 2018 due to moving out of the area.

Miss Kirsty McDonald was appointed in January 2019 as Parent Governor and will serve until January 2023.

Staff Governor

Mrs Carol Dytor is our staff governor, she was appointed on 8.12.14 was renewed in December 2018, She will serve until December 2022. She was appointed by the Staff. 

Attendance at meetings Academic Year 2018-2019


Full Governors’ Meetings

Out of 4


Finance and Resources

Out of 4

Mrs C. Awojidi (resigned June19)




Mr A. Cornforth




Rev Maria Onuigbo




Ms C. Dytor




Mr A. Harland



Miss T. Manderson




Mrs P. Kelly-Cudjoe




Mrs Wells new Gov




Mr. Martin Ware




Mrs L. Windslow



Mr J. Donker resDec18                   




Miss H. Kidd new Gov



Miss K. McDonald new Gov



Pecuniary Interests declared

Mr Harland and Mr Cornforth manage the  the Car Park. 

Mr Cornforth's son submitted a quote for the replacement of several windows.

Rev Maria is also a member of the Governing Body at another school.