Church of England School of the Resurrection

Belong, Believe, Achieve

Welcome to Year 6

Mrs Glynn and Mrs Griffiths are our Year 6 teachers. They are supported by Mrs Black.

HOMEWORK:  Year 6 are given SATs Buster Booklets for Maths, Reading and Grammar. These are handed out on Thursdays and are to be handed in the following Tuesday. It is extremely important that homework is completed this year to ensure your child's progress. 

This term Year 6 are going to concentrate on writing using self editing and wider and more impressive vocabulary and punctuation. We will be writing a variety of genres including diary entries, information texts, stories, persuasive letters and reports. Children will be encouraged to use a dictionary and thesaurus to improve their work. All writing has to be assessed over the year and this assessment is the SAT mark for writing.
Children in Year 6 will be completing a Reading SAT at the end of Year 6 and will have a lot of practice of these at school. If you would like your child to have extra practice- a variety of books and practice SAT papers can be purchased from Asda, WH Smith or a company called CGP.
Grammar and Spelling are also very important and all children will continue to have spellings to take home and learn, and will also be learning other words in class as they will be taking a Grammar, Punctuation and spelling SAT at the end of the year.
Well done to all the children for working very hard to complete their Reading and Writing SAT.


Children will be working very hard at learning the skills and knowledge needed in a variety of topics, to answer SAT questions. We will be learning about volume, algebra, ratio and proportion, circles, symmetry, translation and scale together with practicing SAT questions at the end of each maths lesson. Children will sit a Maths SAT paper at the end of the year which comprises of an arithmetic paper and two reasoning papers. Again, we will be having plenty of practice at school.
Well done to all the children for working very hard on their Maths SAT.


Year 6 are continuing to revise all science work taught throughout the children's time at school. We will be looking at classifying living things - which involves giving reasons for classifying animals based on specific characteristics and plan different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions.


Year 6 are timetabled to have dance on Wednesday afternoon and sports on Friday afternoon - so PE kits are needed on that day. A plain, black pair of trainers are need for outdoor sports such as football and netball. Our MUGA day is normally Thursday so black trainers will be needed, however Year 6 often use the MUGA on other days as a reward for their hard work in the SAT.

Religious Education
This term we will be continuing to learn about the Life as a journey and pilgrimage , through comprehension texts and child led discussions. We attend Collective Worship with the rest of the school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and have Collective Worship in the classroom on the other days. The values that the school follows are on display on the class cross and reflection time is given each day for children to reflect on their learning.


History and Geography
Year 6 have been learning about Benin and will continue to do so for the rest of the term. The children complete a comprehension each week based on The Diary of an Edo Princess and have completed art work similar to art work in Benin.

Please remember that school starts at 9am and children can come into school, via the classroom door, from 8.40am. We also have a FREE Breakfast Club that starts at 7.30am and all children are welcome but must complete a registration form and must sign in each day.
On Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings, from 8.15am, Mrs Black hosts a Booster club where children access SAT Companion. This is an online based revision program that can be accessed at home too. It works through all aspects of the National Curriculum and will provide small videos for the children to watch and learn from. The pupils in Year 6 all know their log on details if they want to access it at home. This will start next half term.