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Cyber Coach

Cyber Coach is an interactive media system for schools. It allows the children to enjoy 100's of hours of enjoyable exercise.

The Cyber Coach is made up of two principal features: (1) a Virtual Dance Instructor and (2) a Dance Mat system.

The Virtual Dance Instructor allows users to choose from a wide selection of work-outs, tuition and dance classes. Each session can be tailored to different abilities and ages and features some of the best instructors in the World.

The Cyber Coach also has ten fun dance mat games designed for large classes. Games are available for different ages and abilities. Rugged wireless dance mats are supplied with the system.

The resource is used in all classes throughout the school daily.The children often come into school and take part in a wake up shake up ten minute program.

The resource is also used by lunch time organisers if it is wet play etc.

The children and staff are really enjoying using the resource.