Church of England School of the Resurrection

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Sports Premium 

Church of England School of the Resurrection. Impact of Sports Premium Spending.

April 2014-2015 A total of £8857 was allocated to the school.

To ensure that PE links with other subjects that contribute to pupils’ overall achievement and their greater spiritual, moral, social and cultural skills.


Coaches from Ultimate Kids Coaching £1000 (Sept- Easter) Football and netball. Manchester City Football Club. £300 (Key Stage 2) Upper/Lower

  • High Quality coaching for football and netball (at the time there was no trained football coach on the staff).
  • Quality assurance of sports coaching


  • To engage pupils and increase participation rates in PE and sport.
  • The pupils were able to participate in matches at other schools more successfully.

 School Sports Partnership Annual Membership: £300- (Key Stage 2) Upper/ Lower (Miss Vinter/ Support Staff)

  • A full organised programme of competitions/festivals/National School Games
  • CPD for curriculum education attended by the new to role PE Co-ordinator
  • SSP Network meetings attended by the PE Co-ordinator


  • Support for Leader of PE & Sport through network meetings and access to training. As a result of this the PE Leader has been able to have an overview of the provision in school and audit the resources available. She has audited staff needs and competencies. She is beginning to develop a portfolio of photographs to evidence standards.
  • Children have accessed a range of competitive opportunities with some success.

Sport Equipment – Whole School- £1265

The purchase of equipment to increase participation; Tennis bats, cricket bats, balls, footballs, tennis balls, bean bags.



  • Sufficient resources were made available for there to be no limit on the number of children who could access the after school sports club.
  • Lunch time behaviour was supported through the provision of resources for game activities.
  • Improved skills of children
  • Engagement and enjoyment of pupils
  • Increased participation in lessons and out of school.

Transport costs to competitions £243

To enable participation football, netball, swimming gala, dance


  • Children had the opportunity to work with children from different schools.
  • Experience of competitive sports.
  • Some teams were very successful, in particular the girls’ football team.

 Ultimate Kids Judo - Before School Morning Club £600 for martial arts morning clubs -Tuesdays for years 3& 4, Wednesdays years 1&2

Whole school

  • Two mornings provided for both key stage one and key stage two.


  • Enjoyment and engagement of pupils in a sport not usually provided by school, particularly those not involved in football.
  • Less-active pupils encouraged to participate in physical activity

Sports Medals/ stickers for Sports Day £59 (Whole School)


  • Enjoyment and engagement of pupils
  • Celebration of the benefit of sport
  • To further extend a competitive element to the PE provision
  • To identify Gifted and Talented pupils.

Debdale- £4050 (Key Stage 2) Year 6

A full organised programme of water based activities for year 6 children was purchased from the local water activity park.


  • Children were given the opportunity to try out several water based activities at a local centre in the hope that some of them might be encouraged to continue to make use of this facility after school.
  • Development of resilience, self confidence and team in preparation for high school.
  • Engagement and enjoyment of pupils