Church of England School of the Resurrection

Belong, Believe, Achieve

Religious Education

As a Christian school, the Church of England School of the Resurrection, follows the Manchester Diocesan Syllabus for Religious Education.

Each class follows a long term plan, as set out by the syllabus ,with numerous opportunities for children to discuss, raise and answer questions, produce drama, music or art work to complement their learning.

Included in the syllabus are core Christian ideas and values, along with opportunities to learn about other religions such as Islam, the Jewish Faith and Sikhism. Children are encouraged to ask questions that can be explored further during their Religious Education lessons.

Spiritual development within the school, enriches and encourages the pupils' discovery of God the creator and links that to the wonder of the environment. 

Moral development in Religious Education in the school is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, which offer pupils a secure foundation stone on which to make decisions and build their lives.

Social development within the school develops pupils' understanding of what it means to live in a Christian community where Jesus' command to love one another is put into practice.

Cultural development within the school provides opportunities to develop an understanding of Christianity as a world wide, multi-cultural faith, that has an impact on the lives of millions of people.

All children within the school have to opportunity to participate in Barnabas workshops, where children explore different questions every year. 

Year 1 to Year 6 also visit Manchester Cathedral, where they participate in workshops based on what they are learning in school.